Tara Austin "Boreal VIII", acrylic on canvas, 24" x 24", 2020



Tara Austin “Boreal VIII”, acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″, 2020


Boreal VIII: Part of a miniseries

Boreal VI – IX are all part of a miniseries within Boreal Ornament III that play with a circular shape at their center. What is striking about Boreal VIII is its simultaneous representation of plant life and planetary orbit. More than any other work within the VI – IX series, Boreal VIII very clearly includes the leaves of plants shooting out at its four edges.

What sets this apart from similar pleasures (such as that which we find from Boreal VII) is the very articulated centerpiece. With so much texture it is more a sphere than a circle, and seems to be sharing its orbit with at least two other spherical objects. Where once again we find ourselves on a spectrum between mathematical perfection and the purity of the natural world, here the mathematical component most resembles a series of heavenly bodies. The quintessential components of the stars. The etymological meaning behind the word “quintessence” is the fifth element, referring to the perfection of the firmament as opposed to the four earth-bound elements. This is as good a moniker for the circles found in Boreal VIII as any, considering the juxtaposition of the fore and background motifs.

Add to this the flourishes of Lady’s Slippers around the periphery, and you can quickly see what a remarkably independent piece this is within the greater context of its series kin.

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Boreal VIII is part of a series within Boreal Ornament III comprised of paintings with a circle at their center. This may not be obvious at first glance, but if you look close enough you'll see it in each of Boreal VI, Boreal VII, Boreal VIII and Boreal IX.

  • About Tara Austin

    Tara Austin is a Duluth artist whose vast body of work is a testament to nature and reality. Her rich landscapes are of chaos, complexity, and order. They hold as much inherent beauty as a satellite image of a hurricane, a sunflowers' petals, or an assemblage of diatoms under a microscope.
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    Boreal Ornament III
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