Tara Austin "Boreal V", oil and acrylic on panel, 48" x 48", 2019



Tara Austin “Boreal V”, oil and acrylic on panel, 48″ x 48″, 2019


Channeling Simplicity

Simplicity was the focus for this piece, as Austin was preoccupied with weaving, inkle looming, and Sami ornamentation. Paired with the blue green painting Gerhard, the content is not as linked to the real world as is Green Mantle. Nor is it as linked to the cosmic as Anaglypta. Aside from the representation of vegetation unfolding, Boreal V is as much for itself as it is for the world. Everything is floral, though the symmetry is striking due to the forced minimalism, giving this much more of a conceptual feel than a scenic one. Although circles and spheres are of course present within plants of all kinds, their use here seems to be more in the vein of Euclid than Linnaeus. The obvious flowers of the rosemaling technique are front and center, while the ideas they insinuate are veiled in some mystery. This is not cut and dry so much as ethereally materializing from a dark violet ether.

Although by no means wholly separate from Austin’s other work, Boreal V certainly stands alone due to its allegiance to austerity.

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The painting Boreal V was created in tandem with Gerhard. Compare the two works to examine their similarities and differences.

Simplicity was my agenda in this painting.

Tara Austin
Boreal V Gerhard
  • About Tara Austin

    Tara Austin is a Duluth artist whose vast body of work is a testament to nature and reality. Her rich landscapes are of chaos, complexity, and order. They hold as much inherent beauty as a satellite image of a hurricane, a sunflowers' petals, or an assemblage of diatoms under a microscope.
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