Tara Austin “Marquee”, oil, acrylic and silverleaf on plexiglass, 48″ x 48″, 2020



While all of Austin’s work contains an element of the botanical, this piece in particular borders on the insectoidal. The bauplan of a dragonfly’s wings, or four pine beetles facing off in the center come to mind. The aetherial blue and black clouded by white and red place it somewhere above firm ground.

We have here as in many of her works (such as Boreal IX) the clear indication of four cardinal directions, here represented by circular shapes that resemble moons in texture and color. The dotted matrix present in the background of the center area is intriguing. It suggests a sort of mystic scaffolding, joined in places by intersecting lines that follow a particular order.

There is much to ponder with Marquee, and much that will, by design, remain unknown.

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Marquee has an atmospheric quality to it, despite the traditional rosemaling technique, and reminds Tara Austin of her time spent in Cook County.

  • About Tara Austin

    Tara Austin is a Duluth artist whose vast body of work is a testament to nature and reality. Her rich landscapes are of chaos, complexity, and order. They hold as much inherent beauty as a satellite image of a hurricane, a sunflowers' petals, or an assemblage of diatoms under a microscope.
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    Boreal Ornament III
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